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Jeff Pudlinski

“Our Natural World”

 Tuesday, April 1 – Sunday, May 4

The Photography Show/Exhibit Series “Our Natural World” –A World Like we’ve Never Seen by Jeff Pudlinski will be on display in the Gloria Cachion Gallery in the Southbury Public Library from Tuesday, April 1until Sunday, May 4, 2014.

Jeff  Pudlinski is an award winning self taught photographer.  Jeff defines his work: “I try to captures light within my images, just like the painter Eric Sloane did, but the photographs that I take have a unique and special look that no one else has. My photographs are all one of a kind images of our world we’ve known but often pass by too quickly!!”

Mr Pudlinski has won over 275+ awards along with 2 international features for his photography. He was featured as a trending photographer on the National Geographic YourShot image page under the adventure and landscape categories. He has also done 2 Wildlife photography shoots for the Sharon Audubon Society. All of those images are on YourShot Image page through National Geographic.