Teen Volunteering

Long Term Weekly Volunteering (1 hour a week for several months or longer):

Our long term weekly volunteers are highly motivated teenagers who are interested in volunteering at the same time for an hour every week and have a strong level of interest and enthusiasm. They assist with activities like shelving books, cleaning, and preparing storytime crafts. Duties vary each week, but are typically shelving heavy. We define long term for at least a few months or a season. We only have availability for one hour a week per volunteer. We have limited availability this summer on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you are interested in volunteering with us every week, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you have previously volunteered for us as a long term weekly volunteer and are interested in doing so again, please email our Teen Librarian Eli directly at ekelly@biblio.org instead of filling out the form.

Regular Monthly Volunteer Opportunities (1-2.5 hours a month, every month)

Junior Friends of the Southbury Public Library: Every First Thursday Starting in August from 6-7:30pm

With the Junior Friends, work on projects with the Friends of the Southbury Public Library in the Lower Level (Basement). By attending one meeting, you are not committed to attending every month (though you are welcome to!). Sign up is required for each meeting you are attending.

Teen Advisory Board: Every Last Tuesday from 6-7pm, Membership Application Required

With the Teen Advisory Board, shape the Teen Department with feedback about books and events. Each monthly meeting opens with a discussion about ideas for events, materials, and more and closes out with some special volunteer projects. A membership application is required and joining is committing to regular, long term attendance.

Fall 2024 Multi-Hour One Time Opportunities Interest Form

Sign up with this Google Form to be put on the contact list to find out details about upcoming multi-hour volunteer opportunities. The Friends of the Southbury Public Library will be having a Donation Day this fall and may need help. As soon as we have details, we will email you with information and where to sign up to volunteer if you are interested. This will likely not be until September 2024. 

All of this information is only for young adult volunteers. If you are an adult interested in volunteering at the library, please fill out our Adult Volunteer Application.

Teen Weekly Volunteer Application

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Your Contact Information:
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     This form is only for teen volunteers, up to the summer after their senior year of high school. If you are an adult interested in volunteering at the library, please fill out our Adult Volunteer Application.
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Availability Information:
          Note: please specify if you are talking about your school year or summer unavailability.
          Is there a deadline you need hours by for school or another organization? If so, what is that date and how many hours do you need by that date?