Wireless Policy

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Wi-Fi @ Southbury Public Library



The Southbury Public Library offers free wireless Internet access.


The library’s wireless network is NOT secure. Patrons use our wireless unsecured network at their own risk.


The Southbury Public Library staff cannot guarantee that your wireless device will work with the library’s network.

The Southbury Public Library is not responsible for any damage to personal equipment or software or loss of data from using your equipment on our unsecured wireless network.

Staff cannot provide technical support for patrons’ personal devices


Mobile wireless printing is available. For instructions, check the library’s website www.southburylibrary.org for mobile printing.  

Internet Policy

All patrons using the library’s wireless internet must follow the rules of the Internet Use Policy (see attached document.)  To summarize this policy, the library staff reserves the right to ask any patron that is inappropriately using an electronic device to refrain from such use. Any misuse or abuse of any of the library’s electronic devices may result in the permanent suspension of Internet access privileges.


This policy is subject to continuous review by the Library Board of Directors.


Adopted by Library Board December 2005.

Revised and approved by Library Board of Directors September 2015

Revised and approved by Library Board of Directors June 9, 2021

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