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DVD Fines Return January 2022

DVDs, Museum/Park Passes, and Kindles that are checked out beginning on Sunday, January 2, 2022 will accrue late fines if they are overdue.

Overdue Fines:
  • DVDs: $1.00 per day, maxing out at $10 per movie
  • Museum Passes & Kindles: $2.00 per day, no maximum

Fines accrued on Southbury Library items between March 2020-December 2021 will still be forgiven (as will fines from any extenuating circumstances).

DVD, Museum Pass, & Kindle Checkout Rules:
  • Checkout Periods:
    • DVDs: 1 week
      • Exception: Non-new adult nonfiction DVDs checkout for 2 weeks
    • Museum Passes: 3 days
    • Kindles: 2 weeks
  • No renewals
  • Must be 18+ to checkout. Museum Passes and Kindles can only be checked out by Southbury residents.
  • DVDs and Museum Passes can be returned inside or in the outside book drop. Kindles can only be returned inside.

We still won't charge fines on books, audiobooks, or CDs that are overdue, but we very strongly encourage you to renew those if you are keeping them past their due date. You have up to two renewals per book, audiobook, or CD as long as no one else is waiting for it. You can renew your items in person, online with your card number, or by giving us a call (our phone number, 203-262-0626, is in the front of most of our books).

Books (or any other items) that are more than three weeks overdue go into "Lost Mode" and block your card until they are returned; while they are in lost mode, the price of the item is charged against your account, but as soon as you return the item the charge comes off.

Published by on December 30, 2021
Last Modified January 27, 2022