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Southbury Remembers 9/11 Twenty Years Later From August 1 to September 3, Click here to find out how to share your memories from that day.

Southbury Remembers: 9/11 Twenty Years Later

9/11 was a monumental day in American History.  As the 20th anniversary is upon us we wanted the Southbury Community to share their remembrances of where they were on 9/11.  

Join us as we remember 9/11.  Share your memories of that day to be compiled for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  You can fill the form out online through a Google form, or pick up a form in person to fill out and return.  


To fill out the form click here.

Text reads "COVID-19 Updates." Below is a picture of a surgical mask.

COVID Reopening Updates

Hello, Friends!

Since our July 20, 2020 reopening, we've made evolving changes along the way in order to best serve you and other members of our community while maintaining your and staff safety. Please read on to see what changes are currently taking place.

Best wishes,
The Staff of the Southbury Public Library​